Category: Nature

  • Single Blade

    Single Blade

    Sunset or sunrise photography always produces a rush of emotion because the I can see, feel, hear and smell the passage of time. In the later months of summer, this rush is further emphasized by the warm tan of drying grasses that blanket the ground. 

  • Scrapes & Scratches

    Scrapes & Scratches

    When the ball gets trapped between the branches of a dried bush, the game doesn’t end. There is preemptive anxiety, then pain as I reach my arm through the branches and grasp the ball. There is pain as I pull my arm out and stinging as I brush the scratched areas before throwing the ball…

  • Transitions


    I like the contrast of the sharp blades of grass in the foreground against the soft silhouettes in the background. The angular repetition of lines, the blurred archway around the sun and the transition from dark to light, are all very pleasing. 

  • Guard Rail Sun

    Guard Rail Sun

    I like this composition because the point of focus is out of focus. The tiny drops of dew on the grass are difficult to see in a small image on a screen, so I’m eager to make a large print. 

  • Needles in the Sun

    Needles in the Sun

    Sometimes I don’t know what to say about something aesthetically pleasing, and this is one of those times. Contrasting elements drew me to this composition. I like the difference between the sharp pine needles and soft trees in the distance. The brightness of the orange sky against the dark foliage is also appealing.