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  • Seagull Sunset
  • People-set


    It is mind altering to think that, every second of every day, the sun is simultaneously rising and setting, somewhere in the world. By degrees, there are 360 sunsets and sunrises per day. By human life, there are 7.8 billion sun ups and sun downs each day. Through all of these, the sun is stationary…

  • Sun Flag

    Sun Flag

    The sequential bands of light and dark are the appeal for me in this image. The dark bands of clouds at the top, the dark lines of the distant horizon, the light band of water in the center, the dark band at the edge of the shore, and the band of wet mud at the…

  • Sky Ablaze

    Sky Ablaze

    The energy of the sun is my thoughts, my body, my food, my clothing and even my car, so I understand why it was and is worshipped by so many. When absent for an extended period, my live is profoundly impacted by negativity. I become numb and no longer respond positivity to the world as…