Category: Sunset

  • Guard Rail Sun

    Guard Rail Sun

    I like this composition because the point of focus is out of focus. The tiny drops of dew on the grass are difficult to see in a small image on a screen, so I’m eager to make a large print. 

  • Needles in the Sun

    Needles in the Sun

    Sometimes I don’t know what to say about something aesthetically pleasing, and this is one of those times. Contrasting elements drew me to this composition. I like the difference between the sharp pine needles and soft trees in the distance. The brightness of the orange sky against the dark foliage is also appealing.

  • Oakland Savanna

    Oakland Savanna

    From this distance, the Oakland docks remind me of an African savanna. The cranes look giraffes, probably because of their legs and long necks, and the distance between the trees remind me of images I’ve seen of trees on a savanna. 

  • Smoky Sun

    Smoky Sun

    On this day, smoke from California wildfires extended for miles into the Pacific Ocean. Normally, the orange glow of particulates in the sun, is that a distance, but today I felt as if I was in the sunset, instead of viewing it from afar.

  • Copper Snake

    Copper Snake

    The air is copper colored because particles from burning trees scatter all the other colors of light, leaving only this wonderful orange hue. The short term benefits of capitalism are seductive but are we burning the world to get them?

  • Suns


    I wonder what early human who lived by the ocean thought about when the sun vanished into the ocean, and then reappeared from the land in the opposite direction the next day? I wonder what crossed my mind when I first noticed this? Now humans in industrialized countries are first encouraged to think about taking…

  • Burning Mist

    Burning Mist

    I love watching western fog fires, as the sun falls below drifting clouds, on summer evenings in the East Bay. This brief but spectacular spectacle of burning mist is as mesmerizing as real flames. 

  • Sky Ablaze

    Sky Ablaze

    The energy of the sun is my thoughts, my body, my food, my clothing and even my car, so I understand why it was and is worshipped by so many. When absent for an extended period, my live is profoundly impacted by negativity. I become numb and no longer respond positivity to the world as…