Category: Water

  • Dark Pylons

    Dark Pylons

    Everything is black and orange at sunset when the wildfires are burning in California. The color and contrast intensified my sense of foreboding as I stood underneath the dilapidated structure taking the picture. 

  • Sun Flag

    Sun Flag

    The sequential bands of light and dark are the appeal for me in this image. The dark bands of clouds at the top, the dark lines of the distant horizon, the light band of water in the center, the dark band at the edge of the shore, and the band of wet mud at the…

  • Smoky Sun

    Smoky Sun

    On this day, smoke from California wildfires extended for miles into the Pacific Ocean. Normally, the orange glow of particulates in the sun, is that a distance, but today I felt as if I was in the sunset, instead of viewing it from afar.

  • Copper Snake

    Copper Snake

    The air is copper colored because particles from burning trees scatter all the other colors of light, leaving only this wonderful orange hue. The short term benefits of capitalism are seductive but are we burning the world to get them?

  • Suns


    I wonder what early human who lived by the ocean thought about when the sun vanished into the ocean, and then reappeared from the land in the opposite direction the next day? I wonder what crossed my mind when I first noticed this? Now humans in industrialized countries are first encouraged to think about taking…