Category: Clouds

  • Cloud Blanket

    Cloud Blanket

    Falling asleep with my head under my blanket is comforting. This blanket of clouds, seemingly pulled up over the bay at sunset, feels comforting. The gradient of light from bright to dark definitely contributes to that feeling. It is as if I’m being eased into night instead of the world suddenly going dark. 

  • Burning Mist

    Burning Mist

    I love watching western fog fires, as the sun falls below drifting clouds, on summer evenings in the East Bay. This brief but spectacular spectacle of burning mist is as mesmerizing as real flames. 

  • Sky Ablaze

    Sky Ablaze

    The energy of the sun is my thoughts, my body, my food, my clothing and even my car, so I understand why it was and is worshipped by so many. When absent for an extended period, my live is profoundly impacted by negativity. I become numb and no longer respond positivity to the world as…